Groom'n Time Pet Spa

Your pet will enjoy the pampering, you will love the results

All services at Groom'n Time are complete services. Your pet doesn't receive "just a bath" or "just a clipdown". At the spa, your dog's skin and coat will be evaluated to determine what type of shampoo and conditioner would be most appropriate. All dogs receive a puppy facial, with a tearless facial wash. After being towel dried with a microfiber towel, your pet is dried with a method appropriate for the pet and his/her coat. Special music for created dogs may by playing in the spa to facilitate relaxation and stress-free grooming. 

For pets not requiring a haircut, appropriate grooming tools are used to brush, comb, detangle, deshed, and otherwise make your pet look and feel great. Shedding is greatly decreased, long coats are soft and fluffy, short coats are bright and shiny - you won't want to take your hands off of him/her!

Of course, on all dogs nails are clipped, ears are cleaned, feet, pads, and "private" areas are trimmed as needed, and ​finishing touches (bows, bandanas, etc) are included.

With styling, your dog can receive any number of different trim types. After being dried, brushed and combed, your pet will be styled to suit the lifestyle of you and your pet. Some of the option include an outline trim, low maintenance haircut, breed styling, cute and fluffy (sometimes called a puppy clip), or a style designed just for your pet - maybe a mowhawk, lion clip, or booties would suit your dog. Clippers, shears (many different types), and a variety of other grooming tools will be used to achieve the perfect look for your pet. Your dog will leave the spa feeling great, and wanting to show off the new look to everyone.

For those that desire even more pampering for their pet, there are a number of additional services available with grooming packages.


At this time we are not accepting any new cats to the schedule.

Small Dogs (up to 20 lb):

$40 bathing

$45 clipping

$50 extra styling breeds

Medium Dogs (up to 50lb):

$45 bathing

$55 clipping

$65+ extra styling breeds

Large Dogs (50 - 90lb):

$55 bathing shorthair

$65 bathing longhair

$75 clipping

$80+ extra styling breeds

Extra Large Dogs (over 90 lb):

$55 minimum shorthair bath

$70 minimum longhair bath

$90 minumum Heavy Coat breeds

$10 - 20 additional for haircut

Nail Trim Only Appointments are available - $10

Add On Services - Nail Dremel/File - $5

                            Toothbrushing/Breath Freshening - $5

Pricing varies depending on the size of the dog, condition of the dogs coat, behavior of the pet, and services desired. The above prices are guidelines for pets of average size and behavior, groomed on a regular basis.

Exceptions are made for elderly, behaviorly challenged, disabled, or other pets that may become overly stressed while being groomed. Your pet's health and safety are always an upmost concern at Groom'n Time. Please let me know of any specific concerns you have for your pet and I will do my best to work with their special needs.

Note: While I do want to do my best to acheive the desired look, if a dogs coat is matted or tangled, for the comfort and well-being of the dog, it is best to start over with the coat. While the pet will have a short "do" this time, it will be much easier to get the brushing routine under control. Then we can schedule regular grooming appointments at intervals that will make the syle you want for your pet a possibility.